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Technological creativity - Nord-Pas de Calais
CIZUM.COM is an online collaborative music creation and backing-tracks. Interactive and social, each song on CIZUM.COM is split into tracks. Musicians can contribute by uploading the interpretation of their instrument on the appropriate track. This will result in a multitude of interpretations and styles for each piece of music created into CIZUM. The tracks of a song can be muted so it will be transformed into an instrumental backing-track. Documents such as scores, guitar tabs, lyrics and chords are attached to each track. Our customers are amateur musicians, modern music schools and conservatories. Musicians find in CIZUM.COM a way to create, to study music and to practice their instruments through the backing-tracks features, scores, tabs and chords. Conservatories and modern music schools use CIZUM.COM as an educational tool. It is also a place where everybody can discover and listen to music creations in an unprecedented way.

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